What you should know

Daycare hours

 Monday - Friday  8:00am-6:00pm 


Please refer to the pricing page 

Trial Period

There is a two week trial period for provider, parent and child. Any agreements may be terminated during that period. The trial period is four weeks for part-time enrollment.

Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Children should arrive clean and dressed in comfortable play clothes. The staff will conduct a quick visual check of each child at drop-off. parents should notify caregivers of any injuries, visible and non-visible, which have occured prior to drop-off. 

Crying at drop-off is very common the first few weeks a child is in daycare. This behavior will improve when he or she settles into the routine. Short goodbyes are easier… The shorter the goodbye, the shorter the cry.

Children will only be released to people previously named on the escort authorization form. Names can be updated at anytime. An unfamiliar person picking up a child, with prior parent notification, must present a photo ID. 


Blankets, sheets and other nap items are provided by Tangerine. Parent/guardian must provide diapers, baby wipes, a set of clean clothes, sippy cups and bottles labeled with child's name plus any topical ointments. 


All full-time children will be served snacks and lunch. Meals are nutritionally balanced and our menu follows the guidelines recommended by the USDA child-care food program. Please be sure children are fed a proper breakfast before drop-off. A weekly menu is posted for parents' convenience. 

Except in cases of illness requiring a special diet, please do not send any food with children. This includes candy, gum, cookies, chips or cereal as they may cause disruptions or conflicts with other children in care.

Infant formula and baby food must be supplied by parents for children not on table food. All bottles and containers must be labeled with the child's name and place in a ziplock/storage bag. 


A well organized, supervised and stimulating environment is provided to minimize the need for discipline. There’s an emphasis on language skills, which includes teaching children how to express themselves, this helps  to minimize frustration and discipline problems.

For children who are two or older, a short break will be used for aggressive, disruptive or destructive behavior. Younger children will be distracted and re-directed to other activities.


Biting is an unfortunate but natural developmental stage many children will experience. It is a temporary condition that is common between the age of thirteen months and twenty four months. When biting occurs, it can be very upsetting for child, parent and caregiver. If a biting incident occurs...

* The bitten child will be comforted.
* The biter will be removed from the situation and told “No biting.” 
* The biter may also be put into “time-out” while the bitten child’s wound is cleansed.
* Caregiver will work with the biter to learn other behavior
* Parents of both children will be notified of the biting incident.  


To ensure the health and wellness of all the children in care, Tangerine Daycare will accept only well or mildly ill children. If your child is ill, please make other arrangements for his or her care. Should a child become ill during the day, parents will be notified and may need to take him or her home. Parents are expected to make payments on child sick days. Please keep child home if he or she has...

* Vomiting: two or more times in 24 hours
* Body Rash, lice or nits
* Diarrhea: three or more times in 24 hours
* Eye Infection: mucus or pus from the eye
* Sore Throat: includes fever or swollen glands
* Fever: body temperature of over 100 degrees
* Any potentially contagious disorder

Medications cannot be administered at this time. Only topical ointments can be applied as needed. Caregivers are trained in FIRST-AID and CPR for adult, children and infants. 


Tangerine Daycare will be closed on the following holidays. However, weekly payment is due in full.

New Years Day, Martin Luther King, Jr Day, Memorial Day, July Fourth, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (2 days), Christmas. There will be early closings on Christmas Eve and New year's Eve.

If the holiday falls on a weekend, we will be closed the previous or following weekday. 

We are typically closed three (3) weeks in the year for Spring, Summer & Winter breaks. Parents will be notified of those dates at the beginning of the year. 


Tangerine Daycare must be notified at least two (2) weeks in advance when a child will be absent from care for family vacation or other personal reasons. Full weekly payment(s) will be required during the time of absence and payment must be made prior to the absence. Should a parent choose not to make payments during a child’s absence, it is assumed that the child has been permanently removed from daycare. 

Parents will be notified at least two (2) weeks in advance of daycare closure for any reason the owner(s) may deem necessary. No payment will be required for such closure. This does not include closures due to inclement weather, natural disasters or holidays.

Termination of Care

A minimum of one month notice is required if your child is to be permanently removed from daycare. One month's fee will be accepted in lieu of notice.

Tangerine Daycare may terminate care with a two (2) week notice to parents except in cases of gross misconduct by parent or extreme behavior from a child which en-dangers the health and welfare of other children in care. In this case, care may be terminated immediately. 

Potty Training

Potty training is a team effort between you and your child. Tangerine Daycare will be happy to assist in that effort while your toddler is learning to use the potty. Somewhere between 20-30 months is normal to begin potty training. Please do inform the caregivers when you are ready to begin.

To prevent lifting Injury to caregivers, some toddlers, due to size and weight, will begin sitting on the potty at daycare before they are officially ready to start potty training as long as there is little to no resistance from the child. Parent(s) will be notified.

* Potty training must begin at home over a long weekend or holiday
* While children are learning to use the potty, only elastic waist pants & dresses are allowed. No   belts, zippers, buttons, overalls or onesies
* Provide two extra sets of clothing in case of accidents
* According to health regulations, all soiled clothes will be placed in a plastic bag for parents to take home and wash

Television / Technology

Television watching is not a regular part of our daily routine. On occasion, when bad weather prevents outdoor activity, children may watch a limited amount of an educational/children’s video. Desktop computer, laptop and Ipad may be used as part of the daily activity and curriculum.


Any Changes in address, phone numbers or child's medical information must be provided in order to keep our records up to date. An open line of communication is important for a good daycare experience and happy children. Parents are encouraged to discuss their child’s progress or needs. Please don’t hesitate to speak with us about any concerns you may have.